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About Us

Nanjing Datang Chemical Co., Ltd. Which is founded in 1999, is specialized in aromatic acid, cresol, xylenol, ethyl phenol ,butyl phenol and other alkylation products’ development and production of fine chemicals. Our factory is in Chemical Industry Park ChanJiagang, Yancheng City , Jiangsu Province, It is the high-tech factory which has passed the ISO9001 and IS014000 certification. In recent years, Our company continue to introduce high-quality personnel, advanced production and testing equipment, committed to the disruption of the antioxidant phenol intermediate product research and development. Our company offers a variety of intermediate goods for many famous antioxidant company, while also producing own antioxidant species. Our products fill the gaps now and at the same time We will try to become a new field of research and marketing of the guide.
Our main products: 2,4 - xylenol, 2,6 - xylenol, 3,4 - xylenol, ethyl phenol, o-cresol, 2 - tert-butyl-p-cresol, 6 - Tert-butyl-m-cresol, 6 - tert-butyl-o-cresol, 2,6 - tert-butyl-p- cresol, 2,6 - tert-butyl ethyl phenol, such as the Department of phenol derivatives. Our factory is also production: Benzenesulfonic acid, Sodium benzenesulfonate, p-Toluenesulfonic acid, Phenolsulfonic acid, o-Cresol sulfonic acid, the electronic-nitrophenol, Furan Resin curing agent, MMA inhibitor.
Our products exported to the U.S., Japan, Southeast Asia and the European Union and other countries and regions, customers get the praise. After nearly 10 years of efforts, Our Company now have advanced production technology, production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, product quality and after-sales service
Nanjing Datang Chemical Co., Ltd. is willing to have a good cooperation with domestic and foreign and creating new antioxidant cause of a better future.